Teachers Team
  • Stephen Van-Linge
    Stephen Van-Linge
    Stephen has been teaching English to Hong Kong students over a period of 10 years, with a primary focus on designing and delivering both HKDSE English and IELTS Preparation courses. Additionally, he has provided ongoing support services to students sitting for Hong Kong examinations. Stephen has completed a Bachelor of Arts (B.A), a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and a Masters Degree in English Language Teaching (MA ELT). He is a well qualified and enthusiastic teacher, with a high level of commitment to meeting the needs of second language learners.

    English Instructor

  • James Von Holdt
    James Von Holdt
    James has vast experience teaching English to & designing English programs for students of other languages of all ages and levels. Having completed both a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (English major) and a Master of Arts (M.A.) (Mandarin Chinese) from the United States of America, James believes a teacher¡¦s success is measured by the progress of his students, and uses teaching methods & infinite patience in a relaxed & friendly environment to build the vocabulary, syntax and confidence in students of other languages so that students can make real progress & enjoy the English language.

    B.A (English), M.A (Mandarin), TESOL
    English Instructor

  • Melvin Andrew Louch
    Melvin Andrew Louch
    Since arriving in Hong Kong in 1991, Melvin has taught in Primary and Secondary Schools, tutorial Centres and as a private lesson consultant. He believes that motivation is the key to success and always encourages his students to develop their full potential. He uses an interactive approach to build confidence in his students teaching the HKCEE and Use of English for many years. He decided to focus primarily on the IELTS examination. Looking for the right teaching environment, he joined Elite English in May 2013. Melvin prepares and teaches IELTS preparation courses and HKDSE English at Elite.
Admin Team
  • Athena Cheng
    Athena Cheng Admin & Education Consultant
    Athena has experience working in education as a consultant and marketing assistant. She manages the day to day operations at Elite English, such as making course timetables and teacher scheduling. Furthermore, her education background gives her a comprehensive view to provide the best course consulting services and her energy and cheerful attitude lend both efficiency and prompt, friendly help to our students both currently and prospectively.