business english

Practical Business English

This course is designed for learners who are interested in strengthening their overall oral and written communication skills for the workplace. Learners will develop a range of practical skills to further enhance their English ability, including:


  • Communicating in real life contexts of workplace situations
  • Building relevant and important business vocabulary to support communication
  • Teamwork activities to enhance cooperation and interaction with peers
  • Communicate ideas and opinions to improve workplace settings
  • Develop overall pronunciation skills


  • Writing all major forms of workplace correspondence
  • Developing coherent and organised text
  • Developing language structures to communicate intention and purpose
  • Building appropriate and accurate business vocabulary into formal text types
  • Communicating clearly, concisely and with clarity (the 3 C’s)

All business English tasks and activities are practical and are based on real-life workplace contexts. The level of communication and interaction is high, thereby enabling learners to quickly develop essential oral and written skills. All our instructors are native English speakers from The United States of America, Australia and the UK.