Complete English ™ Model

Why the English standard of the university graduated students are continuously declining nowadays? The reason is that most students only focus on exam tips instead of a full-scale study, which has a huge impact on their exam results at universities and performances at work even after graduation. In view of this, Elite English carried out "Complete English TM"concept, leading all the students to understand the real purpose of learning. Getting to be well prepared for their further learning and employment at work. Meanwhile, this can consolidate their English foundation and guide them to achieve success.


Background of Elite English Learning Centre

November 2004

Founded by both Stephen Van-Linge and Gavin Jon Coombs (both native speakers from Australia with backgrounds in law)

February 2005

First school set up in Central (Des Veoux Rd), moved to Wanchai venue in 2007

2006 – present

Developed external language services: Provider of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) to Hong Kong corporations and English language courses to a range of HK secondary schools; exam registration services for IELTS

• Initial language services started with the HKCEE (Form 4-7 levels), followed by IELTS Preparation and then adult English programs.

• Objective: Many competitor language schools back in 2004 focused mainly on exam preparation skills (i.e. tips and strategies for success) and not actual English language development, using past exam papers and large classrooms as a medium. However, Elite’s objective was to provide actual language skills support in the four areas of writing, speaking, reading and listening to bolster overall real proficiency and confidence among ESL students to tackle school exams, in a small class learning environment that emphasizes personalised learning.

2008 – present

Gradually established trusting business relationships with: IDP, the world’s largest IELTS examination and education agency, ISSC, a top 3 ranked Hong Kong education agency and other overseas education agencies.

2010 - present

Followed by the new exam system 3-3-4 for secondary students in Hong Kong, we started running HKDSE English course to help F.3 to F.6 students to boost both their English proficiency and exam skills.